Pithy is a small library of Python 3.6 utilities. The various modules are mostly independent of each other.

The project is hosted at 'https://github.com/gwk/pithy'.


This project is dedicated to the public domain under the Creative Commons CC0 dedication: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/. I chose this license because I believe that the potential usefulness of the code is increased by reducing the legal burden around using it to zero. You are free to copy, alter and integrate individual functions or modules into your project as you see fit.

Although no attribution is required, attribution and feedback are very much appreciated.


$ pip3 install pithy


Alternatively, you can check out the pithy project and use pip to install it in 'develop' mode as follows:

$ cd ~/work # or wherever you prefer to keep projects. $ git clone git@github.com:gwk/pithy.git $ pip3 install -e pithy

This method tells python to find the module at the specified directory (in this case "pithy", where we checked out the repo).
Changes to the code will be immediately visible to the python3 installation, with no need for reinstallation.


Please file issues to the github repository.